Jan. 17th 2020
In order to offset the risk of losing money, it is essential to follow the best trading tips. There are many trading tips that can help you through your trading journey. Here are the top 10 trading tips for beginners.
Apr. 12th 2020
Day traders must control their emotions. The slightest lapse in controlling your emotions will ruin your accumulated hard-earned profits overnight.

For instance, after having several losses in a trading session, you are afraid of having a losing day. This fear spurs you to over-leverage and blow up your trading account with a single trade.

How many times have you blown up your trading account because you lost control of your emotions?

Furthermore, having your emotions on a roller coaster everyday is not sustainable.
Aug. 6th 2020
Financial freedom means different things to different people. But, at its core, it is about the ability to make choices that you otherwise would not be able to make. Haven’t you heard that old age old question, “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”
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